Friday, August 27, 2010

A friend of mine said ...

I don't think that I contribute very much to the carbon load - anyway, a lot less than a lot of people I know. I mean, I carpool whenever I can, and I recycle. And anyway, I can only compare myself to my neighbours, and other North Americans.


This is how far and how delusional we have gotten as a society. This intelligent man, who I know is reasonably aware of how quickly we are destroying our planet, doesn't think that his load (or mine for that matter) is all that much. He hopes that a bit of carpooling will save us ... as I would like to hope too ...


This isn't where it's at: not even close! If we hope to escape this, hope to escape what's going to seem like a runaway greenhouse effect, it's going to take a lot more than dedicated carpooling, and diligent recycling. Yet most people haven't even yet reached the point where they will actually vote for the greenest, most radically green, candidates they find, at all levels of government.  If we hope to effect things on a societal level, this will be a very necessary element; the sooner it occurs, the better the chance we can avoid SOME of the worst things.

Will you, dear reader, reach that point at the next polling station, or will you close your eyes, and "Wish we were back in Kansas"? Well, Toto, we aren't in Kansas anymore. Gather courage, brains, heart and a sense of adventure. For you electronic gamers out there, the time to use your real avatar (that's you) has arrived.

Awaken, dear people, awaken. Vote; change personally; discuss with friends. Please wake up.

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