Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Is there a (student) doctor in the house? Job opening here ... apply within ....

If your M.D. told you that you needed immediate treatment to avoid a slow, painful, ugly death, you'd probably step right up and ask for the treatment. Our species finds itself in the first circumstance, but refuses to entertain the second part of the situation.

This leaves me thinking that a significant problem with the human species at this point is psychological in nature, as the diagnosis has been firmly reported frequently to us over the past two decades.

Therefore, the nature of our illness must be twofold: one, we are environmentally sick; two, we are delusional, since we apparently refuse to accept this diagnosis.

Therefore, this blog is seeking a guest writer, either a psychologist OR psychology student, to explain these factors but, more importantly, how they might be overcome by green leaders, avid politicians aware of the dire situation, environmental scientists, and environmental writers.

I can make the following promises: no pay, flexible hours, wide latitude of writing topics, and a limited but presumably growing audience. Oh yeah, and did I mention ... The chance to perhaps do something more significant in the world than any of your peers will ever attempt?

You and I are either going to just die, or just die trying. Me - I'd rather make a difference - I'd rather die trying. You?

Apply within (see my profile for email, or post in comments as you wish).

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